Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-20 um 11.43.37

Istanbul Next Photoshooting

Bildschirmfoto 2014-08-20 um 11.43.37

Istanbul Next Photoshooting


Me featured in ESPRIT Travel Diaries featuring Istanbul

Vor einiger Zeit bekam ich eine Anfrage von einer Medien-Agentur aus Berlin. Julie von der Agentur sprach mich an, meine Freundin Arzu hatte uns einander vorgestellt: Sie würden gerade eine …

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LINIST Designers Shooting Video || The Sky is the Limit

I came up with the idea for LINIST while traveling back and forth from Istanbul and had seen that there was no real connection fashionwise between those two cities. LINIST …


Bilgen Coskun || The World is a Village

Photos by Georgia Kuhn Photography In this section I want to introduce people who are participating with LINIST on different levels. I make a start with Bilgen Coskun. I met …


ZEMZEM Handmade Accessoires for Open-Minded People

Another label I would like to introduce is ZEMZEM Atelier by Zemra Acarli. ZEMZEM is not participating with LINIST, or not yet, but is the brand of a friend whose work …